Why Social Media Are Nescessary To improve SEO Of a Blog?

Many Blogger are worry why their blog has much less traffic and less rank.

They don’t know About using social media sites.Social media sites are about to sharing about many topics Such as Business,Fashion etc.Many people are visited to these sites and find what they want.For example:”How to improve you bog seo?”

Many People are using these sites to share their business to World So; They can get a highly traffic by these sites.

First Advantage:

First top Advantage is that blogger can easily get a Huge Traffic easily For Free.

Second Advantage:

Second Useful Advantage is that a new site can easily get indexed easily For Free.

Third Advantage:

Third Very Useful Advantage is that a blog or site can get easily Backlinks for free And So It can easily get rank in Search engines.

Four Unique Social Media Sites:






How to Convert Blogger Blog to WordPress Blog

WordPress is very good hoster for blogging many people are blogging on this community.It has Better Features then the other blogging hosters.

Blogger is also a good Hoster it is developed by google which also have a good features and blogging on this community is very easy then the other hosters.

Many people are often wanted to convert to wordpress hoster and they dont know how can they do that?

It is very easy to do that…..

First of all signup to wordpress.

Then Register a new Blog.With Rich Domain and with rich Title.

Then Click on tools.


Click on Import.

Then Click on Blogger:

Then Click on Import:

Then Your Blog Is imported to wordpress.

Then Enjoy! ūüôā

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Three Fastest Ways to Increase your Blog Traffic

Many People are worry that their blog has much less traffic.They wanted to get traffic more and more but they are missing alot of sources Such as Social media sites Which help to your site to get unique traffic and also help to enhance your blog Seo Because They have a high ranked by search engines.

How you will get a unique traffic by Social media:
Social media sites in which people share their business and then it get a unique traffic their business.

First Facebook:

Rank By Google:9/10
To get traffic from this site you must have signup on this site.
Click here to signup.
Then create a Business fan page.Click here.
Then Add this to your blog to get more fan.
When you post your blog post link on your facebook fan page then your fans automatically get this news and when they click on link they will reach on your blog or site.

2nd Google Plus:

Google plus is a Social site by Google which have also a high rank by search engines.
Click here for Signup.
Then Create A Fan Page on This.
Then Share you Blog post link in this And Also Add follow button to your blog to get more fans.

3rd Twitter:

Twitter is Also a Social Media site Which also have a high rank by search.
Click here to Signup.
First of all make your Friends.
Then share your Blog Post links.
It is a high traffic developing site many blogger are using this.

Very Easy Way to Include your Profile Picture In Google Search By Blogger(Blogspot) Blog

In Google search when you search for something you saw that many search google include sites with Small picture with Some information name and much more.
Lets See An example below:

It Also help your blog to get more traffic and It also introduce you with visitor.
Lets Going to Topic that How to include your Profile picture in google search by Blogger Blog:
In Simple Words:

  • First of All Signup if you have not a Google plus Account Here.
  • After Signup Then put your information about and your profile picture.
  • Then Connect it with Blogger Blog.
  • Then Add Profile¬†widget¬†in which blog by which you want to include your picture in google search.
  • Then Click Save After Some days or Hours Your Picture will be shows on google search.
Lets Watch A Tutorial For Help:
These pictures and Videos Are from my Old Blog.

How to Make Money By Google Adsense(2012)

Many Blogger are earning money from google adsense it is¬†community of google.com.Google adsense released in 2003.Many Pakistani and Many USA’s People are Alot of earning money by google adsense.In my sight a girl who is earning alot of money by google her name is Lisa Irby she is full time blogger.She got a record in google earning 9000$ Per month in 2009.And Now She is being earning 410$ Per day.Her Official Site is 2createawebsite.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is the Program of Google.inc which take money per click from Companies to Show their commercial ads to Online world And then Adsense Give these commercials to Publishers to Show these ads to their own Websites or Blogs.When a visitor click on this ad and it reached on this ad site.Then Adsense take money from these commercial site and from these money it gave some percent money to Publisher.

Requirements For Google Adsense:

  • A Blog or a Website 6 Months Old.
  • Rich Contents Post.
  • At Least 30 Post.
  • At least 30 Unique Visitors From Search Engines
  • Register your own Domain(com,net,org etc) or (.blogspot.com)
  • Porn graphy sites will not be accepted.
  • Read More.

How to Signup For Blogger(Blogspot) Blog?

  • First Of All Login to your blogger blog.
  • Then click on more option.
  • Click on earning.
  • Then Click on signup.
  • Then Click on Create Account.
  • Then fill all the blanks.
  • Then click on submit.
  • And then Click on finish.

Example Watch Below:

Pictures are from my old blogger blog.

How to Add Meta Tags To Blogger Blog

Meta Tags is the first step to Get Your Site at Search this help to your site to tell to Search engines what you have in your blog and what you want to share!

SO;lets going to our Topic.

How to Add Meta Tags to Blogger Blog?

  1. First of all Login to your blog.
  2. Then Click on more option for new blogger interface and Then Click on template and Old Blogger interface user only click on Design.

Lets Watch an Example Below!

Old Interface Example:
  • Then New Interface user click on Edit html and old interface user also click on edit html.
  • Then press ctrl+F Then find this code bleow:
  • <b:include data=’blog’ name=’all-head-content’/>
  • Then Paste Below the code after the above code:

<meta name=”description” content=”Add url Blog¬†Description¬†Here” />
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Add your Blog Keywords here” />
<meta name=”copyright” content=”(c) 2012″ />
Lets Watch Below:
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Top Easiest Way to Get Backlinks For Free

Top Easiest Way to Get Backlinks and Get Ranked in Google And Other Search Engines.

Oh..! Its Free…
Yes its free There is very easy trick to get Backlinks For Free.
People Often Worry that their blog has much less traffic how they increase their blog traffic
for this it is very necessary to get rank in search engines,and to get rank in search engines it is very necessary to get backlinks for your website or blog.

What is the Trick to Get Backlinks?

Most easiest trick is that to answer of question in yahoo answers, How will you do that don’t worry i am telling you!
Lets see that Below!

Major reason why Search engines does not index your blog:

Very Important reason for This problem is that you are copying content from other websites or blogs and search engines do not like this habit so to get index and to get rank in search engines you must have to write rich content from yourself don’t copy from others.

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Three Unique Ways to Get Indexed Fast to Google Easily.

Three unique ways to Get indexed fast in search engines:Hi Everybody Today I am Going to tell you how to index fast your Blog to google or other search engines?

First Unique Way:

First of All Add your blog to Google web master and add to Bing web master.
I can not want to write in full detail here is a video how to add your blog to Google web master and Also How to Submit Sitemap to Google Web master?

2nd Unique Way:

2nd Awsome Method to Get Indexed fast to google is to add your business to Google places.
First of all Visit to Google places Then Add your business in google Maps here!

Here is An Example:

Third Unique Way:

Third step is to adding comments on blogs because google love to blogs By adding comments on blogs you can get backlinks As a result it include in search.
Here is Example:

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